The Extravaganza

The G8 Extravaganza started 7 years ago when a group of friends who shared a passion for the Holden designed, Pontiac G8 decided to hold a get-together. They quickly realized that the passion they had for their cars was shared throughout the country. As years went on, the Extravaganza grew by leaps and bounds. Year after year, the cars making their way to the event doubled and tripled, today the Extravaganza is the largest event of its kind and has opened its doors to many more Holden designed vehicles, including the Chevy Caprice PPV, Pontiac GTO & Chevy SS to name a few. This multi-day event features a dedicated track day as well as a full feature car show and other events throughout the weekend to entertain all that wish to partake! We hope to see you at this years event!

What we have planned

We strive to make this event better and better. Here is what we have planned for this years event.

Track Day

Dedicated day at the track. You can see how you stand against your peers and perform some test & tune on your car.

Car Show

Show off your car in this Full-Feature car show with several trophies and giveaways throughout the day.


You will have the opportunity to put faces to names with our unique fun-filled events and challenges scheduled for the event days.


Every year the event is filled with our own brand of fun, mixed with some liquid influence it's a guaranteed good time.


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2017 G8 Extravaganza

Are you and/or your car club interested in hosting the next G8 Extravaganza? If so, contact Justin at G8EXTRAVAGANZA@GMAIL.COM!